Homemade Cleaning Simplified

Eliminate toxic chemicals from the home.

Replace commercial chemical cleaners with safer homemade recipes.

make your own cleaning products

Make safe, effective, non-toxic cleaners...

Using common, easy-to-find ingredients.

Cleaning Essentials provides everything you need to incorporate green cleaning into your life. That means beautiful, durable, reusable containers; totally safe and natural recipes for making your own green cleaners; and powerful essential oils to replace chemical-based artificial fragrances and conventional antibacterials. When you take into account production resources, carbon footprint, throw-away bottles, and recycling costs, the most green way to clean is to make your own homemade cleaners!


safe natural non-toxic green cleaners

Easy-to-follow recipes printed right on each container.

Simply choose which cleaner you want to make and add ingredients as you fill up the bottle.

Every batch of household cleaner that you make from natural ingredients and essential oils reduces your family’s exposure to untested and proven-toxic chemicals. Every time you make your own cleaning product with Cleaning Essentials, you’re saving money. Every time you reuse a Cleaning Essentials container, you’re eliminating one more plastic cleaning bottle from entering the trash cycle. Every recipe you make at home takes one more container out a long and convoluted industrial supply chain, saving emissions from trucking and shipping.

supplies for natural household cleaners

Designed to be beautiful.

We've made the first reusable cleaning bottle you'll want to keep on the counter.

make your own safe non-toxic cleaners


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